Full Service

As a Buyer’s Agent, my aim is to ensure that you pay the lowest possible price for your property.  Hence, my fees are structured in bands, and they are inclusive of GST.

  • Source, secure, settlement. Please note that I cannot take on identical briefs at the same time, and I will only work with a maximum of three clients at a time.
  • The Engagement Fee is an upfront part-payment of the full fee, and is not refundable.  It is payable upon signing the Agency Agreement, and once paid, I can commence the search for your new property.
  • The Success Fee is the balance of the Engagement Fee, and is payable within 7 days of exchange of contracts.
Purchase PriceEngagement FeeSuccess Fee
(on Exchange)
Full Fee
Up to $1m$5,500$14,500$20,000
$1m – $2.5m$6,600$18,400$25,000
$2.5m – $4m$8,800$21,200$30,000
Over $4m$11,000$33,000$44,000
negotiation or auction

Perhaps you have found the ideal property on your own, but negotiations have reached a stalemate. Or maybe you are purchasing from out of town and want to personalise the negotiations, or are unable to bid at an auction.

Generally, I have a limited number of Full Service clients at any one time.  I will negotiate or bid on your behalf, only if it is not in conflict with one of my existing Full Service clients.


Engagement Fee

Success Fee
(Balance, on Exchange)
Full Fee
Attending and bidding
at an auction on
your behalf
Evaluate and Negotiate one property$3,300$5,500$8,800
Evaluate and Negotiate three properties$6,600$5,500$12,100

This service is designed for buyers who bring to me a property they have found, and that they have independently decided that they would like to purchase.

All of my fees are “upgradable” to another option within three months of signing the agreement.


Sometimes, it’s just difficult to know when to stop, or if this really is the “bargain of the century” the agent keeps telling you that you’re getting.

This fee is determined after consultation with you, as some properties are more difficult to appraise than others. This service is often combined with the above Negotiation / Auction service.