You’re only going to buy a home once every ten years, your time is precious, and your hard earned money is the result of hard work and sacrifice.  Don’t worry, I get it. Here’s why you can be confident in your choice:

As a boutique Buyer’s Agency, you will deal with me throughout the whole process.  From the initial phone call and chat, to handing over the keys to your new home. I will get to know you and your requirements, and I will be the one searching for your new property.  You won’t get passed on to someone else in the agency, and I don’t have targets and quotas. I will spend as long as it takes until you’re comfortable with the purchase

I will only ever take on one client at a time looking for the same brief. So if you are looking for a two bedroom investment unit, or a four bedroom home with a pool, you will not be competing with other clients of my agency. My focus is you. The same applies when I access off-market properties – I will only offer it to you.

I’m your professional negotiator. A vendor’s agent is legally bound to make sure that the seller sells well. They are not there to make sure that you buy well. As a licenced Buyer’s Agent, I will negotiate with the selling agent on your behalf, removing the stress and emotion from the process for you, saving you money and ensuring you don’t overpay.

If your dream property is going to auction, I will formulate an auction strategy with you, and bid confidently on the day on your behalf. If the property is passed in, we will be in the running to negotiate after the auction. Remember, this is what I do full time, I attend auctions every week, and I’m familiar with the local auctioneers and their strategies, and I’ll give you the best chance of coming out on top.

The area I specialise in is focused on Sydney’s Upper North Shore. I know this area extremely well, I live here, I grew up here, my kids are in school here. I know the streets that are busy at peak hour, or that don’t get the sun, and the new builds that seemingly appeared overnight.

A 2018 ME Bank survey of 1000 property owners revealed 26% discovered issues with their property after purchase, 23% had some degree of buyer’s remorse, 58% of buyers spend less than 60 minutes in the property before exchange, and 36% missed picking up issues because “they fell in love with the property and overlooked them”

I have an extensive network of agents, who invite me to access quality off market properties. So many properties do not ever get advertised, and you can now access this “silent market”. Because I focus on one geographical area, and because I do this full-time, I am able to get to know the local real estate agents really well.

I’ll take the emotion out of the process, so you won’t pay more than you should, or make any expensive impulse decisions.

I inspect properties every day, and attend auctions every week. I talk to agents in this area all the time, and know what the market is doing. I do this full time, professionally.